Om oss

SPIGA 3 is a manifestation of my own style ideals, which have developed during my more than thirty years of working with some of the best menswear brands in Italy. I have previously owned a number of menswear stores in Gothenburg, such as Kungsgatan 9B and Peter's Dandy, as well as working as an agent and representative for some very well known brands.

The concept of SPIGA 3 came to be when I visited quadrilatero della moda. I was in Milan buying the final pieces for my new store, which I was yet to name. Then it struck me that what I wanted to create was a piece of via Della Spiga on Trädgårdsgatan 3.

We offer a mix of traditional artigiani who use traditional craft skills to produce excellent quality goods, and innovative brands that, while still offering great quality, are more fashionable. We strive to be elegant, but still casual. Simply Italian style at its best.

In 2015, my old friend Lennart Holm joined me as a partner, and together we will develop the SPIGA 3 concept even further so that we can offer you the best experience possible. Lennart has a great amount of experience in the industry and was a co-owner of the well known store EQUIP MENSWEAR right here in Gothenburg.

We sincerely hope that you will join us in creating a fantastic shopping experience, both in our brick and mortar store on Trädgårdsgatan, as well as online.

Sincerely yours,

Jonas Ericsson